Will CBD Products Show up in a Drug Test?

The health and medical benefits of Cannabidiol (CBD) have more people than ever warming up to this miracle compound. Among other things, CBD relieves stress, reduces nausea, reduces inflammations, and so much more. Given that it also comes with very few and mostly harmless side effects, it’s no wonder everyone who comes across the product instantly falls in love with it

The one question most users are asking, however, is whether CBD can show up in marijuana tests and cost them a job or even send them to prison. It’s common practice for employers to conduct drug tests. If the test is carried out a few hours after you used CBD supplements, will the results be positive? What about if you’re stopped on the road by the police? If you used THC, it’s obvious the test will return positive. But, what if you used CBD? Will it register too?

No, CBD Will Not Show Up In a Drug Test

A common concern among CBD users is the fact that the compound, just like THC, is extracted from the cannabis plant. Since THC always shows up in drug tests, many believe that CBD would show up too.

That is not true. First off, pretty much all drug tests that attempt to uncover the presence of marijuana always focus on THC because of its psychoactive properties. CBD doesn’t have psychoactive properties. It doesn’t make users high.

Additionally, only saliva tests which have very short accuracy periods specifically check for the THC molecule. All the other tests which examine the blood, urine, and hair have a much longer accuracy window but don’t test specifically for THC. Instead, they test for what is known as THC-COOH which is a metabolite of THC. A metabolite is a compound formed after the body has processed a particular substance. THC, upon entry into the body, is usually broken down into THC-COOH metabolites which can remain active in the body for up to 45 days. A THC-COOH test cannot detect CBD.

Above all, employers and law enforcers don’t just work on their own terms. They have to follow government regulations. One such regulation is that they perform a “standard drug test.” According to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), among all the dozens of cannabinoids known to exist in marijuana, standard drug tests are only concerned with THC.

What if the Result Returns Positive Anyway?

There are only two circumstances when CBD supplements can result in a positive marijuana test, and both situations can be dealt with rather easily;

  • Use of low-quality CBD supplements

The most common reason for CBD supplements resulting in a positive drug test is low-quality products. If you’re not using the best CBD products, there is a high likelihood that you’ll test positive for marijuana.

It’s a big challenge, because, owing to the explosion of the CBD market, there are now hundreds of companies involved in the manufacturer of CBD products. While shopping around, you’ll find a range of products, all promising quality. But, not all the companies making these products are honest. Some often go as far as providing false information on their labels just to convince more people to buy. It means that the 100% THC-free product you're looking at could, after all, contain traces of THC.

To avoid any doubts and gain the most therapeutic value from your CBD, always source the best CBD products such as Golden Organics CBD supplements which are derived from hemp and hemp alone.

  • False positives owing to high daily dosages

Another reason a drug test can return positive after CBD use is overuse of the product. There is little evidence to confirm it, but some experts theorize that if you were to take more than 2,000 mg of CBD in a day, then the high concentrations would result in a positive marijuana test. For this reason, Golden Organics CBD users, for instance, are advised to keep their daily intake below 1,000 mg per day.

However, even if you were to take more CBD in a day and the results return positive for marijuana, you shouldn’t panic as that would be a false positive. All you need to do is request the more accurate Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) test to verify the findings. The GC/MS test would return a negative result.

In a Nutshell

You shouldn't worry about CBD showing up in marijuana tests whether on the highways or when undergoing workplace drug testing. As long as you’re using the Golden Organics CBD products, the test results will always return negative because it contains 0% THC.